Friday, May 06, 2011

Mixed Media Canvas

This past week I was asked to create a canvas as a Birthday gift for one of my friends so she could gift it to her dad on his special day. I though I would share this with you as it is done in a very different style than what I usually do (no flowers, bling or bright colors).

Often I find doing anything for guys is more difficult, especially since so many products are geared towards women. That is one reason why I love Tim Holtz's stuff! They are so great to use on both feminine and masculine projects. I used quite a few of Tim's products on this canvas, and since it was supposed to be masculine and have a firefighting theme I thought they worked perfectly.

So if your struggling to come up with ideas (Father's day is coming next month :-) remember to include some metal and almost any of Tim Holtz embellishments. Click here if you want to do some shopping for these wonderful embellishments!

Thanks for stopping by :-)

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