Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Use Your Copics!

We all do it. No matter how much we tell ourselves we won't, can't, shouldn't. The sad fact is that as scrapbookers we tend to accumulate products and then forget to use them! Sometimes it comes down to "that paper is just so cute I can't cut it" or "I thought this was a cool product at the time but how do I use it". 
So today I want to encourage you to break out your underused, neglected supplies or tools and make something beautiful with them! For me, I tend to forget about my Copic markers. I love Copics and the effects I can create with them, but for some reason I always shy away from using them. I have gotten a little better since I changed the way I store my Copics. Before I had them in a pencil case shoved in a drawer. A few months ago I went to Ikea and bought a rail system with metal buckets (in the kitchen section) and hung that on my wall. I hope to eventually buy a second rail so that each color family can have it's own bucket, but for now this works great for me. 

It is true that coloring with Copic markers does take some practice. If you aren't familiar with shading or blending you will need to maybe take a class or practice coloring images until you get a feel for how these markers work.
One of my favorite things about Copics is that you eliminate the stroke marks that other markers leave. Your artwork appears a lot smoother and more professional when you don't have ugly lines going through all your images.

For this card I used Copics to color the little girl. I love being able to shade skin and hair because with other markers it is just too hard to get a nice blend or sometimes they don't even have the appropriate colors for shading skin. I am by no means an expert, but I really do enjoy the end result with these markers.
On this card I made the process a lot quicker by paper piecing the dress, boots,hair and headband. I only colored her skin and shirt. This gives a really unique look and I especially like using this technique for clothes.

So I want to encourage you today to dig out some of those forgotten supplies or tools and stretch your creativity by doing something new!

If you want a good place to purchase Copic markers click here.
If you would like ideas for what colors to purchase or more information about the markers in general click here.

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