Monday, June 27, 2011

Dramatic Canvas Project

Well I have become addicted to altering canvases! There are so many products and techniques that can be used on canvas that I have trouble deciding what to do first! An ever-growing list has evolved as I watch videos on YouTube about Mixed Media techniques, products and projects. I love the fusion of Mixed Media Art and Scrapbooking on a's just so exciting!

Looking at a blank canvas can be really intimidating, so I have found the easiest thing for me is to sketch out an idea, colors, techniques, paper, fabric, trim, etc. that I want to use before I even touch the canvas. After that I at least have an idea of where to start when looking at that big white canvas.
One of my favorite products to use is Modeling Paste which is a thick, white substance that has a  consitency sort of like thick icing. This paste can be sculpted, textured and molded to create dimension and texture on your project. I have found that the heavy Modeling Paste tends to crack on canvas (because its a flexible surface) so I'm going to try Light Modeling Paste and see if that helps. You can also buy Flexible Modeling Paste but I haven't been able to find that yet. 
The next two products that I want to try on canvas are Pouring Medium (which makes your paint look glossy and wet even when its dry and it can be swirled and puddled to make really cool patterns) and String Gel (which has the consistency of honey and makes lots of little strings over your artwork in whatever color you add to it).

So...for my first 16x20 canvas (I have been doing 11x14" only), I have decided to use a photo my husband took as my centerpiece. I want this canvas to be dramatic and really its only for me because I love this photo so much. I want the canvas to be luxurious, with ribbon, lace, flowers and metallics. Below is a picture of my starting materials and then I will show you in a couple days what I've come up with and how it all came together.


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