Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Review of LaBlanche Stamps

Hello Bloggers! Today I thought I'd bring you some information about LaBlanche Stamps which come from Neunkirchen Germany. My local scrapbooking store, Scrapbooker's Paradise just started carry these stamps and I was curious to see how they worked. The designs are beautifully detailed and very classic. When stamped they look like an ink drawing instead of a stamped design largely due to all the wonderful shading. I don't thing there are any other stamps available on the market quite like these, which of course is one of the reasons I HAD to purchase a few of them!

LaBlanche stamps are silicone and come mounted on lightweight foam. This makes them very heat resistant (the design that's made from silicone) and also easy to get an even image since you can move your fingers over the foam and get pressure in all the right places. These stamps are also VERY light, making them fun and easy to handle. I also find their designs very helpful if you are just learning how to create shading with your Copic markers. The images have shading provided for you so all you have to do is basically follow the lines! If you are like me and you're still trying to figure out how to shade images properly so they don't look strange these stamps are a big help!

I think I'll be purchasing a few more of these stamps...they are just so beautiful!

Happy Scrapping!

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