Friday, July 22, 2011

Results From My First Canvas Class

Last night I taught my first ever Mixed Media Canvas class! It was so much fun and I was blown away by the talent and creativity of the ladies! This was the sample piece that I made:

And here are the creations that the students came up with:

I love seeing everyone's creativity come alive and their interpretations of my original project. It is inspiring to see everyone take common supplies and make something different that expresses their personality, style, home, etc. We used a combination of Glimmer Mists by Tattered Angels to do all the personalization of colors. I love using mists because there is really no limit to the amazing things you can do with them and the different effects you get depending on your spraying style and color choices.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!
Happy Scrapping,


  1. Wow, they're all beautiful!

  2. Chelsey, had so much fun. Doing one for a friend right now. Question, how do u unclog a glimmer mist? Can't seem to figure it out. Thanks and well see u in a couple weeks.


  3. If your sprayer gets clogged I find the best way is using canned air (like what you use for cleaning a keyboard). I pull the cap off, unscrew the top and use the air to blow into each piece to get rid of any clogs. This usually works for me so I hope that helps you out!

  4. Nicely done Chelsey by both you and your students! TFS

  5. Hi Chelsey!
    I just discovered your blog, and I've been a follower. You have some very nice works.
    I loved this project. The backgrounds that you have made are really precious. I like them all!
    I invite you to visit my blog for scrapbooking:



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