Monday, September 26, 2011

Creating a Mess

Hello Scrappers.

I wanted to show you today the creative mess I got into while taking Jennifer McGuire's Inspiration Showcase class. This was the first class I've taken online and I absolutely loved it! You can go in and check out the videos whenever you have time, there are forums and places to leave comments/ask questions and best of all I walked away with a whole binder ring full of technique cards that I can incorporate into future cards.

The class was designed as a canvas showing different hearts with different techniques. I did little swatch cards instead so that I could write on the back and remember what I did. This is a great thing to do because when I feel a little low on inspiration or having trouble deciding what technique I want to use all I have to do in glance through the cards.

Jennifer McGuire is doing another class soon called Christmas Card Boot Camp (or something like that) and I would highly recommend her classes! She is a great teacher and she throws in a lot of little bonus things that she does that makes her crafting easier.
Here are the techniques I learned and how I store them. I will do some cards and projects over the next couple of months showing a few of these techniques.


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