Friday, December 09, 2011

Ten Favourite Projects Featuring Chipboard

Well it is very hard to pick only ten projects that I love using chipboard! There have been many and I only have a few since I often give away my creations. The versatility of chipboard makes it a must have item, especially since I love to ink, paint, emboss, mist and basically customize my embellishments to fit the project I'm working on. I also love chipboard letters and titles since they add dimension without creating too much bulk!

So here are my top ten picks in no particular order:

This last project has a lot of pictures because it is a mini album and I wanted to show every page. I used white cardstock to make pages for the pictures and journaling, so the chipboard pages I could use just for embellishing and decorating. I really like these types of albums because they allow a lot of room for pictures.

I hope you enjoyed these projects using chipboard! I hope you are inspired to bring out your stash and start incorporating chipboard into your projects.

Merry Christmas,


  1. That picture of you 9 items down is really a beautiful photo of you! You look so pretty. Great shot!

  2. Beautiful ideas! Everything looks incredible.

  3. Thanks Fran :-) I have my very talented husband to thank for that photo.


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