Friday, March 23, 2012

Messy Desk Friday

Happy Friday!!
I've been busy working away at making new classes for the past couple of days and I was photographing my processes for the class instructions when I looked over (looking through the camera) and realized how beautiful the mess on my desk looked! It drives me crazy having a messy desk, but when I'm in the middle of the creative process a messy desk is inevitable.

The colors I'm using in this project are my favorite combo (blue & purple) plus some green and yellow for added color. I seem to go through times when certain colors just make me happy and I use them everywhere possible!

My favorite mists...Lindy's Stamp Gang! They are just so full of glimmer and the colors are amazing. Maybe one day I will own all 85-90 colors!!

Here is a sneak peak of the new class I'm working on. I will be teaching it at my home studio near the end of April in time for Mother's Day.

I'll post some finished pictures next week...or maybe over the weekend if I get around to it.
TGIF :-)


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