Thursday, July 19, 2012

Memory File Album

This Winter at CHA I had the pleasure seeing Heidi Swapp's new line of Memory Files and all her lovely accessories first hand. However, it wasn't until I started playing with them a couple of months ago that I truly fell in love! I think it's brilliant how she takes the idea of traditional scrapbooking layouts then mixes it in with an interactive mini book style and adds a splash of something completely new. It's a great way for card makers to cross over into scrapbooking/memory keeping without feeling so overwhelmed. The Files can be completed in a relatively short amount of time and once you finish a file you have the satisfaction of a completed project. There are also two storage boxes for the Files so everything stays together and protected from light, dust, etc.

Now don't get me wrong I adore 12x12 scrapbooks and I don't think I'll ever stop making them. However, Memory Files allow me to use all the interactive elements that I love without having to cut holes in my page protectors.

To top off the whole amazing system, Hedi came up with Color Magic...the best line of paper and embellishments for me because I get to ink, mist and paint to my heart's content! The papers have a clear resist pattern on them so when you apply ink (or any other color medium) only the areas of the pattern with no resist hold onto the color. How cool is that! Totally custom paper and embellishments.

I decided to take 3 Memory Files and create a mini album to show some of my students how you can use these files as they are intended or you can create other things with them. This post is very picture heavy so that my students can always come back to it after the class and get a close up look at all the details. I'm not going to write all the details of what I used, colors, etc. but if you are interested in something or have a question, please leave me a comment.

If you are in my area and are interested in learning more about this album, check out my classes tab here on my blog.




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