Friday, July 13, 2012

Playing With Distress Markers

I'm back from summer holidays and working on new classes for the rest of the summer and into the fall. A little while ago I purchased the full set of Distress Markers. These are an excellent water based marker that match the traditional Distress colors from Tim Holtz/Ranger. I love the Distress line, so I got the markers thinking they would probably be a nice addition to my collection. Well I finally had a chance to play...and I'm totally in love with them! The are very juicy, vibrant colors and they do amazing things with water just like the rest of the Distress line.

After coloring a few images I would have to say that these markers are faster, easier and less expensive than Copics but you can achieve almost a comparable image. I say almost because they are blended with water so they do look a little more like watercolors, but if you dry each layer and keep adding color you can get some very intense images. If you aren't sure about investing in Copics (because they are a very large investment) I highly recommend the Distress Markers as an alternative marker. Just keep in mind that Copics are alcohol based and permanent whereas Distress Markers are water based and can be reactivated with water at any time.

For my cards I used water color paper, which I found gave me the best results. You can use regular cardstock, but I found the colors appeared brighter and the paper didn't curl nearly as much with the water color paper. The only difference was with the Wish card I used Specialty Stamping Paper, which worked really good for that technique (no water involved in this one).

Here is a look at what I created:

I cannot say enough how much I enjoyed coloring with these markers and I think they will become my new first choice for coloring. This is mostly because I'm usually in a hurry and it takes me a long time to color with Copics. However, I still love my Copics so I will continue to use them as well, there are just some great benefits to both types.

I will say I have had a couple of problems with my Distress Markers and the colors changing. When I first got the set, all the reds looked kind of brown. After they sat for a bit, the colors changed back to normal except for the Fired Brick marker. Again just recently (after making these cards) my Brushed Corduroy marker turned completely green! This is a pain, but it doesn't bother me too much because Ranger is awesome about replacing faulty product. If you have that problem just email them with a photo like the one below and they will send you a new marker.

I hope you found this helpful and make sure you pick up some of these great markers. If you are in my area, I will be teaching this as a class on August 16th. Click on the classes tab for more details.
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