Friday, August 23, 2013

Tim Holtz Style Nails

Hello Crafty Friends!

I don't know about you, but I often try to think of alternate uses for my scrapbooking supplies. One day I was sitting looking at my stash of untouched Tim Holtz rubons and decided I needed to do something with them! This is what I came up with...

First I added two coats of green Sally Hansen nail polish and let it dry completely. If the polish isn't dry when you add the rubs it will likely turn into a big mess. 

Then I cut out the designs that I wanted to use and tried to trim them down close to what I needed for that nail. The amazing thing about these rubs is how sticky they are! Most of them I didn't even need to burnish with a stick, I just rubbed them on with my fingers.

I trimmed off any excess rubon and then continued to decorate the other nails. Next time I think I will use designs that don't go all the way to the tips of my nails. I found that the ones like the birds, stars, etc that didn't cover the nail all the way to the tips lasted a lot longer.

Finally I added one or two coats of clear polish to seal in the design. The clear polish that I used did cause a little reaction with the rubons which created a slightly bumpy texture over the design. You could probably omit the clear polish if you don't have your hands in water all the time or are generally a lot easier on your nails than I am! I didn't mind the slightly bumpy texture though and there is no way I would've kept these designs for more than one day if I hadn't added a top coat. In fact if I want to keep any kind of a manicure I need to add a clear coat every day, otherwise my nails are ruined pretty much as soon as I paint them!
I don't know how the rubs would react with an acrylic or gel top coat...that would be very interesting to try out!

Well that was my little adventure with using my Tim Holtz rubs. I still have tons left because each package comes with two sheets! I wonder what I should try next with them...

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